tisdag 30 december 2008

Reprissändning # 7

Såhär dagen före nyårsafton slår jag till med en reprissändning som handlar om en skoluppsats som Frida skrev på engelska om hur Johan och jag träffades:

Min dotter fick i engelskauppgift att skriva en berättelse om kärlek.
Så hon gjorde lite research via sin pappa och skrev den här berättelsen hämtad ur verkliga livet:

"The cutest ears in the world.
It was a warm night in July 1985, and there was a party at the building owned by the Red Cross in Gothenburg. The place was full of people and “Love Song” by Simple Minds was streaming out of the speakers. Johan, a tall and skinny guy with disco-bang, was sitting in a brown woollen sofa. A girl with short hair walked across the room, she didn’t even look at him, but Johan, who had never seen her before, already decided that she was the girl he would marry. She stood by the balcony bars and he looked at her ears, they were the smallest and the cutest ears he had ever seen. He was absolutely enchanted. He asked all his friends who she was, and his friend Peter told him that that she already was engaged.
“Just my luck!” he thought as he was walking home alone in the abandoned streets. He never found anyone to fall in love with. And if he did they were already taken.

The time went by, and even though Johan hadn’t seen her for almost a year, he couldn’t forget the girl with the small cute ears, the big smile and the short blond hair. Once in a while he would dream about her and he secretly wished that he would bump into her on the street. But for as much as he knew she could be married right now.

One night Johan was going to see a movie with some friends. He wasn’t particularly exited about it, but it was better than sitting home in the messy apartment. He was late, as many times before, so he snuck in to the movie theatre after the movie had started. It was dark, but still he recognized her immediately. He hadn’t stopped thinking about her since the party at the Red Cross. Now she was sitting right next to him. After the movie (“Fletch” with Chevy Chase) it appeared to him that she now was dating a close friend of his.
“This was my chance, and now it’s gone.” he thought to himself as he ate a hot dog outside Palais Café.

Since Johan was a poor student, studying at the Gothenburg Business School, and since he never had found someone to fall in love and share his life with, he slept at his parent’s house in Anneberg from time to time. It was a way to get a good meal, some laundry done and to take some time off from his loud friends that he shared the apartment with.

Four month’s after the meeting at the movie theatre, Johan was lying on his bed in Anneberg. Just when he was about to drift away in his dreams, the phone rang. It was Magnus, an old school friend. He hadn’t heard from him from in over a year, and now he said there was a party in Kullavik, and invited Johan to come. Unfortunately Johan wasn’t in the mood for a party, but Magnus didn’t give up, he called several times and went on and on about how much fun it would be. Finally Johan’s mother did the trick.
”You can’t sit home with your old parents at Walpurgis Night” she said, and Johan realized that she was right.

Johan went to Kullavik, but what he didn’t know was that Magnus had in task from his girlfriend to find a date who would fit the party’s hostess, her best friend, like a pea in a pod. That’s why he had called Johan, and that’s why he had been so persistent.

The party wasn’t as big as Johan had expected, it was more like a dinner party. After introducing himself to a few people he walked into the kitchen to say hello to the hostess. He smiled when he saw who the girl was. It was the girl with the cute ears he had dreamed about for such a long time. She smiled back and said:
-I recognize you, haven’t we met before?

Walpurgis night this year they celebrated their 21 anniversary and they are my mom and dad."

av Frida Good

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Carin sa...

Åh, vad rart! Men vad är valpurgis night?

Ulrika Good sa...

Carin: Tack. Valpurgis night är helt enkelt Valborgsmässoafton.

Anonym sa...

borde den inte vara illustrerad med en bild på de små små öronen:)